5 Reasons to Book a Makeup Lesson With Me

Whether you wear makeup every day or every now and then, I want you to feel excited about applying products and putting a look together. I’ve designed my Makeup Lessons with this in mind. The things you’ll learn will take the stress out of getting ready and turn it into a fun, enjoyable experience. As well as teaching practical skills and techniques, I focus on building confidence by showing you how to enhance the features you love so you can look and feel like the best version of yourself. Here are five more reasons to book a makeup lesson with me…   

1. You Want to Update Your Look

Something I hear repeatedly when I ask people to share their makeup struggles is ‘I do what I’ve always done’ or ‘I’ve had the same makeup routine since I was a teenager/in my twenties/I used to work in an office’. Wanting to update or refresh your look is completely understandable and definitely something I can help with. Together, we’ll curate a makeup bag and design a routine that suits your current season of life.

2. You Want to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed

Shopping for makeup can be overwhelming. There’s so much choice these days and buying online can be a minefield. YouTube and Instagram are amazing for ideas and inspiration, but it’s never bespoke advice. If you’ve got the same aim, concern, colouring or eye shape as the model, artist or influencer you’re watching then great. If not, their advice probably won’t be very helpful. In fact, it could be even more confusing.

My lessons feature a combination of talking, listening, observing and doing. Following a thorough consultation, I’ll explain everything I do in detail, guiding you through the process step-by-step. I’ll apply product to one side of your face in stages, giving you the chance to do the same on the other side as we go along. This means you’ll be able to practice, ask questions and really master the things I’m teaching.   

3. You Want to Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Products

As part of your lesson, you’ll also have the option to edit your personal makeup bag. We can build on what you have by making sure you’re using the best formulations and shades for your skin, or we can start from scratch, drawing up a list of products and tools for you to purchase in your own time.

All lessons include a personalised face chart plus a detailed list of products used and recommended. Where relevant, I’ll include any discount codes and offers for you to shop with. Unlike visiting your local makeup counter, you won’t feel any pressure to buy and I’m free to recommend products from a range of high street and luxury brands. I’ve done the hard work for you, thoroughly testing everything I recommend, so you won’t end up wasting money on products that don’t suit you or simply don’t work.  

4. You Want to Experiment

Your makeup lesson is a chance to experiment with products, tones, textures and techniques. It’s the perfect way to figure out what makeup you love and enjoy wearing with gentle guidance and encouragement from an expert. It’s also a rare opportunity to try things from a variety of brands at the same time. The kit I use for makeup lessons includes products with a range of different price points. You’ll find amazing high street brands that are really affordable (and sometimes better than the high-end equivalent) as well as my favourite luxury brands. After your lesson, if you decide to make a purchase, you’ll be buying things you’ve already tried and tested.    

5. You Don’t Want to Be Interrupted  

Available on a 1:1 to basis and in small groups, makeup lessons take place at my private studio near Canterbury. Unlike when I worked for MAC, I never have to stop what I’m doing to serve another customer! If you want to make a day of it with your BFFs, there are amazing places for brunch and afternoon tea nearby and The Pig Hotel at Bridge Place is only five minutes away. The studio itself is intimate and luxurious, somewhere I hope you’ll be able to switch off and relax. Refreshments will be provided, and you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions.

Book Your Makeup Lesson Today

Everyone has different needs, so I offer a range of makeup lessons. Whether you want to perfect a quick, easy daytime look or learn to apply my signature soft glam makeup, by the end of your lesson, you’ll have gained confidence and skills. You’ll have learned new techniques and fallen in love with textures and colours you might never have tried. You’ll also be well on your way to building a makeup collection that makes you feel good. Most importantly, you’ll have spent some time doing something just for you. My hope is that you’ll feel inspired to do the same each morning or whenever you need to apply your own makeup. 

Learn more and book your Bespoke Makeup Lesson here. I also share plenty of beauty tips and advice on Instagram.